About Me

I started my career at Gremlin Interactive in 1998, working initially in the company’s core technology group, before going on to work on Soulbringer for the PC and Actua Soccer for the N64.

Joining Rage games in 2000, I worked as an engine and graphics programmer on the Xbox games Crash and Gun Metal before moving to Core Design to work as lead Xbox programmer on Fighting Force 3.

In 2003, I went to Circle Studio where I worked as the lead programmer for the Xbox version of Without Warning for Capcom. I then went on to head up Circle’s technology group which produced the engine and tools code that would be used for several products within the company.

I moved to Sumo Digital in 2007 to work as lead programmer on the DS versions of Sega Superstars Tennis and its follow-up Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. More recently, I was the lead programmer on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games for PC and Mac.

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